Monday, April 7, 2014

Kickoff Dinner

Photos by Neal McLain
Room setup with stage at west end
The cooks: Roy Morgan and Ellis Burkhardt
Serving Line all set up and ready to go
Serving Line: plates and utensils
The kitchen staff at work  (mostly)

Both serving lines mostly set up.
Thomas Kruppa, Jim Hillis
Photo Contest preparation: Pete Romfh places award ribbons
Photo contest preparation: Denis Mudderman wearing cotton gloves as he places photos.
Table centerpiece
Another table centerpiece
And another!
No centerpiece here ... the mascot buzzard flies in from Angleton and lands in the center of the table
Carolyn May-Monie, Neal McLain, Vicky Adams...
...joined by Bryan Adams
Buzzards: Gary Gatton, Judy Gifford, Paula Jacobs
Buzzards: Jim Williams, George Easterling
Buzzards: Julie Bailey, Emma Jean Tanner, David Tanner
Buzzards: Roy and Jan Edwards
Buzzards: Betty and Betty
Buzzards: Jim Williams, George Easterling, Neal McLain

Raffle Crew: Roy Morgan, Steve Hoddy, Ravi Singhania, Rob Shelton, Danielle Robisheaux, John Lockman, unknown
David Plunkett, Migration Celebration Committee Chair, welcomes the audience

Cutting up the pork
Photo: Richard Schaffhausen

Serving line ready for business
Photo: Richard Schaffhausen

Steve Hoddy surveys the photo contest entries
Photo: Richard Schaffhausen

Ron Bisbee, Phil Huxford, David Plunkett
Photo: Richard Schaffhausen